Committee Chairs

2018 Chapel Hill Garden Tour: Anna DeConti
Archives: Gail Norwood
Awards: Jennifer Schmidt
Community Service: Vicki Scott / Sue Tiedeman
Field Trips: Debbie DiSabatino / Sarah Kingan
Floral Design: Betsy Nininger
Historian: Amanda Watlington
Horticulture: Jinny Marino
Hospitality: Susan DeBartolo
Special Events:

——–  Fall Coffee: Debbie DiSabatino
——–  New Member Meet and Greet:  BJ Vogel
——–  Holiday Tea at the home of Becky Berrey:  Debbie DiSabatino
——–  Spring Picnic in the Garden of Gail Norwood:  Christine Ellestad
Membership: Debbie West / Sarah Laish
Newsletter: Barbara Clare
Nominating: Sue Tiedeman
Photography: Daphne McLeod
Social Media: Ruth Little / Daphne McLeod
Technology Advisor: Amanda Watlington
Website: Louise Law
Yearbook: Susie Moffat /  Jane Lamm
Youth: Amy Strunk
Young Adults: Chris Williamson



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