Revised 2012

Article I – Name
This organization shall be called The Chapel Hill Garden Club.

Article II – Objective
The objective of the Club shall be (1) to educate its members to horticulture, floral design, landscape design, and sound environmental practice and (2) to encourage public and civic beautification and sound environmental practice through gardening.

Article III – Membership
Section 1. The membership categories of the Club shall be active and life.
Section 2.  All members are voting members.

Article IV – Officers and Elections
Section 1.  The officers of the Club shall be a President, a First Vice-President, a Second Vice-President, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding Secretary, a Treasurer, a Parliamentarian,  a Council and District Representative.
Section 2.  The officers shall be elected at the March meeting.

Article V – Meetings and State Authority
Section 1. The Club shall hold at least one meeting a month during the months from September through June.
Section 2. The Annual meeting of the Club shall be in May.
Section 3.  Any number of members present at any regular meeting shall have authority to transact business.

Article VI – Amendments
This Constitution may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-thirds vote of the members present, provided notice of the proposed amendment has been submitted to the Club members at least thirty days prior to this regular meeting.

Revised 2012