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Organized 1931
Federated with the NC Garden Club in 1932
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Number of Members: 108, as of September 2, 2023

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For 92 years, Chapel Hill Garden Club members have cultivated the art of gardening, and encouraged environmental improvement through civic development and beautification. Club members actively contribute to projects at the local, state, and national levels. Our club members have provided garden therapy at rehabilitation and senior centers, preserved open space, developed and maintained community and public gardens, rescued plants, and offered education – for children, the public at large, and our members.

The Club’s mission is to educate our members in horticulture, floral design, landscape design, and sound environmental practice, and to encourage public and civic beautification. The Chapel Hill Garden Club works to fulfill this mission through activities that include community outreach projects, the Club’s biennial Chapel Hill Garden Tour, horticultural and floral design workshops, a newsletter, field trips, and monthly meetings with speakers and demonstrations.

An active and large membership has been essential in achieving the club’s mission. From its inception, the Chapel Hill Garden Club has maintained a policy of open membership. Unlike many garden clubs in which membership is by invitation and limited in number, anyone interested in gardening was, and is to this day, welcome to join the Chapel Hill Garden Club.

The club has a long-term, special relationship with the North Carolina Botanical Garden. Club members benefit from the many learning opportunities available locally at this research facility, and the NC Botanical Garden benefits from an annual gift of funds raised by the Chapel Hill Garden Club.


 National Garden Clubs, Inc.
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South Atlantic Region of National Council
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The Garden Club of North Carolina, Inc.
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