2018 NC Botanical Garden

Something for Every Gardener!

Our vast North Carolina Botanical Garden, part of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, consists of about 1100 acres including nature preserves.  This venerable institution has been in the forefront of native plant conservation and horticultural education in the southeastern United States for over 50 years and is filled with an ever-broadening array of native plants, herbs, flowers, and mosses. As a public garden, NCBG serves all members of the public, all ages, through its educational, informational, and therapeutic programs.

Damon Waitt, Director of the NC Botanical Garden
Damon Waitt, Director of the NC Botanical Garden

NCBG is the major recipient of proceeds from the Chapel Hill Garden Club’s biennial Garden Tour since the Tour began in 1996.  Most recently these CHGC donations were instrumental in the creation of the interactive Children’s Wonder Garden, which is so popular that it will soon undergo expansion.  This year’s Tour proceeds will be donated to NCBG for that purpose. Plans are also in the works to expand the Peacock Discovery Room and add new educational programs.

This stop on the Tour offers:

  • E-ticket voucher redemption at the Visitor Center
  • Tour tickets for sale at the Visitor Center
  • Habitat Gardens: Spring splendor from the mountains to the coast surrounds the Allen Education Center.  Don’t miss the carnivorous plants – one of the most diverse collections in the southeastern US.
  • Special exhibitions about birds and the plants they rely on outdoor in the Pegg Exhibit Hall
  • Beautiful artwork in the DeBerry Gallery
  • Gift Shop
  • Water bottle refill station
  • Restrooms

Terrain: Easy, with some slopes