2018 Kuehnle-Rosinia Garden

No sun?  No Problem!

The deep-hued ranch serves as backdrop for established masses of white azaleas, pachysandra, and irises as well as a Japanese maple, planted in 1998.

Although the owners were gardening novices, they eagerly began their horticultural adventure, adding to the few established hydrangeas, hostas, and pockets of moss, only to find that the local deer were both ravenous and persistent.  After adding a wooden lattice fence and gates, deer fencing was added in 2006, decorative in front and functional in back.

Enter the back garden through the gothic gate, crowned by evergreen Clematis, and observe how the now experienced gardeners wisely chose to allow the garden’s immutable natural elements to inform their vision. Filtered light through the high canopy narrowed plant choice to mostly woodland groundcovers.  Our changeable climate demanded hardiness.

Their informed insight culminates in the serene, shady retreat spread before us like a cool tapestry.  Woodland plants, incidental as single specimens, are effectively massed in a soothing palette of greens, white, and blues.  Moss pathways wind throughout, leading to relaxing seating areas and allowing closer views of the dry creek bed and whimsical creatures.  Rather than install railing around the decking, the gardeners utilize planted pots to establish safety for their guests without obstructing the view for anyone seated. Wherever your gaze rests, a vast variety of hostas speak calmness and coolness, lowering both your blood pressure and temperature.

Landscape design assistance by Caroline Siverson; gardening assistance, Joel Banda.

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