2018 Dean Garden

Artful Suburban Garden

This suburban garden, with its meticulously maintained lawn and foundational plantings of shade trees and evergreens, fits into its subdivision. Look closer to find an artfully constructed, serene landscape that exhibits this expert gardener’s highly refined garden composition, naturalized suburban aesthetic, and expert use of color, texture, plant variety, sun, shade, drainage, screening, and elevation.

One of the first refinements the gardeners made to this corner lot was the addition of Cherry laurel, Chindo viburnum, and boxwood to the screening border on the northeast edge. With this enhancement the woodland garden gained a living backdrop along with increased shade and privacy.

Understanding and connecting with this garden’s essence requires you to narrow your focus to the many smaller vignettes the gardeners have constructed. What catches your eye?  Move closer. The river rock dry creek bed is more than a functional drainage element. Its soft meander leads your eye to cherished heirloom benches passed down to the gardener by a dear Pennsylvania neighbor. A tall chartreuse pot adds interest as it highlights and vividly complements both the burgundy leaves of the Japanese maple and the vibrant sweet flag surrounding it. The color wheel is brought to life by the gardeners’ artistry. The reconstructed woodland filters light, expands the plant variety, and offers its own stories and amusements. These are not mere garden adornments. They are integral to the nature, function, nurture of this family and this garden.

Seth Hand of Southern States, Mebane and Martinez Landscaping & Hardscape deserve mention.

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Terrain: Moderate to easy, with some slopes