2016 Warshaw Garden

Redesigning a Garden After New Construction

In 2000, the Warshaws purchased their home as new construction in a planned community for active adults.  Julie Warshaw, a Master Gardener, found the gated backyard “garden” filled with heavy clay that defied penetration by hand tools and did not drain water.  She and her husband enlisted professional help to enrich and amend the soil.  They redesigned the planting beds, installed a pond and patio area, new plantings, and greatly improved the drainage by adding a French drain system.  The required drainage ditch was transformed into an attractive dry stream bed.  Poorly chosen foundation plantings were removed or relocated.

The garden experience begins in the charming, screened-in garden room adjacent to the back yard.  Move through the seating area on the outdoor patio and along the length of the horizontal planting area, note the clever, repetitive use of river rocks outlining the beds.  The woods beyond the garden fence frames the garden.   The pond, waterfall, sculptures by Jeff Hackney, and whimsical garden art enliven the landscape.

Matthew Arnsberger of Piedmont Environmental Landscaping and Design and Tarheel Aquascapes were most helpful in the redesign and installation of the garden improvements.

This garden is next door to the Nesbitt garden.


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