2016 Edgewood Hill Garden

A Private Arboretum Framed by Forest

Work on this expansive garden of specimen trees began in 1976, when the house was built and the first two Japanese maples were planted.  Today this impressive garden features a collection of more than fifty Japanese maples, thirty Shagbark hickories, an orchard and an abundant variety of unusual conifers.  From the finest leaved Japanese maples to elephantine leaves of banana plants, textural interest is prominently displayed.

Explore the garden’s full scope, sculpted from forested slopes.  The native rocky soil required the integration of a mountain of tillable earth in order to nurture the exceptional trees and other plantings.  Stroll through the spacious grounds, where the rare trees are complemented by rhododendron, hosta, cacti, Voodoo lilies, and a dahlia garden.  Discover secluded vistas deep in the forest.  Near the home you will find substantial stonework, an extensive outdoor living room with comfortable armchairs and portable fire-pit, a koi pond, and dining area, all beautifully framed by trees.  The combination creates inviting ambiance for entertaining and personal enjoyment.

The owners’ recent redesign continues transforming the five-acre garden, enhancing its natural beauty and the artful flow of the terracing.