Committee Chairs

Elena McKay
Chapel Hill Spring Garden Tour Chair: Char Thomann
Community Relations: Jan Dean
Community Service: Vicki Scott and Sue Tiedeman
Education: Gloria Homer
Field Trips: Victoria Hofmann
Floral Design: Betsy Nininger
Garden Friends: Jane Lamm
Historian:  Penny Thompson
Horticulture:  Jinny Marino
Hospitality: Fall Coffee: Anna Berry and Debbie DiSabatino
Hospitality: General Meetings: Heidi Sawyer-Clark
Hospitality: Holiday Tea: Katherine Livas
Hospitality: Spring Picnic: Sarah Laish
Membership: Debbie DiSabatino
Newsletter: Barbara Clare
Nominating Committee: Ty Elliott
Photography: Daphne McLeod
The Seedbed: Karen Lazarus
Website: Louise Law
Yearbook: Barbara Clare

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